Saturday, August 15, 2009


Carbon prints,
Inhumanity, cos
Nature's the only heritage we've
Got! Go Green!

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

It's a prompt for an acrostic, alright, but I still want to add somethings! I think recycling is REALLY important. Well, face it, we aren't strong hearted to not use all the luxuries the world has kindly (for us) , cruelly (for the mother earth) provided. The least we can do is recycle and reuse everything. I so dislike people who will not print on both the sides of the sheet, or just use the hose for watering their plants, use the shower when a bucketful of water would suffice and so on..
The list is endless, it's upto us , as to how much we want to take care.


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

a very intelligent post with a strong message.. :)

Shravan said...


Anonymous said...

:) Very well written Dear !

Amias said...

A very strong message indeed. Young folks are making us old folks look real bad right about now ... you all are doing what most of us failed to do .. leave Mother Earth healthier for our children --- because if Mother Earth is healthy our children will be too, for Mother Earth supplies the food that they eat and the air that they breath.

Bravo Miss Sunshine!


A veery important message excellently written, well done.


Anonymous said...

Good Message dear!!

*Claps* :)

Miss Sunshine said...

thanks Kajal and Vyshu :)

i like this way..when u dun have anythin to say..just put a smiley. lol :P

Wow Amias. That felt nice. :) and i am sure.. u must be taking care of the earth in some small way! :)
thanks so much!

thanks Yvonne and Nuchu!

The Blessed One said...

I loved this one!:D its so cool that u care about nature so much :) ..Rocks!

Shas said...

Hey you are pretty good in acoustics and you have conveyed a very important message in the right tone.