Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why Am I Only Doing Acrostics?

So asked Harini.. and perhaps you guys are also wondering the same..
It's fine if you are, coz I am too..
I don't want to write anything right now, because, to sum it up, my life sucks right now. I don't want to reflect that in my posts! I am waiting for the much awaited happiness I am so desperately hoping for.
I really, really need it! *Begging* Things I dreaded the most are happening..
So you understand, right? Keep waiting and reading my acrostic attempts!

So why only acrostics, right? I like the short way, because as soon as something starts getting long, It starts reflecting my personal life! :P *Yes, my imagination is that much ONLY*

Take Care guys!
Hope your life does rock right now! Make me happy by narrating your happy instances, please? :)

No Miss Sunshine, cuz she's only here to spread happiness, not gloom. Yes, you guessed it right, it's the Alter Ego :P


Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

be fine.. happens in everyones life.. and i am just out of these issues.. extremely happy and relaxed now..and so will be you.. just chill :)

The Write Girl said...

Hey there,

I'm sorry to hear things are not going so know I've never written much about my personal life. I love to write creatively because it's an outlet and place of escapism no matter what I may be feeling. I hope you feel inspired to write again.
Thanks for your comment on my site.

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

khush reh Appu.. sab theeek ho jayega... god bless.. bring your acrostics...:)


We all have bad times in life and each person deals with it differently, Me? I found poetry writing a comfort but if acrosstic's is your way of coping well that's fine. They are good what you write. Good luck

Hopeless Romantic said...

another way is to bring your pain through the acrostics...u won't have to grim with your pain and you would keep writing the way you are!


Anonymous said...

Well, I was thinking the same yesterday!!

But, I really love ur acros.. So, keep writing then girl!

And yeah i see every one of us are in a gloomy mood now a days:(

God bless you dear..

Hope things work out well for you as you wished:)

Take care :)

Miss Sunshine said...

i know.. so i'll wait till then.. :)

@The Write Girl
I know..i can only write when I fel like.. cuz i write from my heart..not mind.. :P :) only thing i dont do because of an that's all reflects in my work :) and welcome :)

thanks :) :)

thanks so much for those comforting words.. :) It's nice to hear them :)

yeah, :) that's exactly wat i feel.. :D

it's okay..i'll cope.. :) i am just waiting for that happy moment :)

mysterious gal said...

Aww girl....u know u mirror my thoughts.....the couple of my last posts have been just acrostics and tags.....and then a rant like urs :P......even i m short of beautiful things to what do i tell u?....i hope we all pass this dark night and emerge with a smile in a bright morning.....till then u take care

Will wait for that sunshine impatiently as her rays might bring me to brighten my day and my blog too :)

And ur so good at acrostics so keep doing :)
Take care girl

Miss Sunshine said...

awwww.. ur just amazing :) Thanks so mcuh..u know that sort of uplifted my mood.. I hope i can bring some joy to you :)
and get ur b'ful smile back :)


The Blessed One said...

oops i'm late..but anyway hon,be alright okay?we all love you!evrythings gonna be jus fyn :) take care!xoxoxoxo!