Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Oh My God. I ate so much today. SO much. I still think that I'm going to burst. After 3 hours of eating. I had pasta with white sauce with white wine, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and olives, AND cheese.

And then I had,

* drum-rolls*

Double Oreo Delight. Bam! It's so chocolaty that you'd not have chocolate for a year. It's laced with chocolate sauce and chocolate Oreo ice cream and pieces of Oreo biscuits! Delightful. Heavenly.
I don't know why I eat so much! But I loved it. Hahaha.

Still I can't stop fantasizing about food. I guess that's just a part of the foodaholic I am. :) I'm sooo so in love with food. :P

Did I hear somebody call me shallow?

Well, food has a deeper meaning than just sustainment. ;) You lowly souls wouldn't understand the true bond between food and me. :P :P :D

Going for Dinner,

Miss Sunshine


Koo said...

LOL. Sounds deliciouss!
God, that double oreo delight makes me WAAAANT it. :P


I take it you love food lol
Loved the post and the pics.
Have fun and be happy.


Harini said...

I am with you girl... I love food.

Miss Sunshine said...

You so bet you want it =))

oh, m crazy about food. :P thankyou so much :)

hahahahaha. :D YES! Foodies! :D

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

You heard shallow?

How could you miss my Hi5 and the sound of my big gulps after enough water in my mouth.


Miss Sunshine said...

hhehehe ;)

Damn I have a lot of foodie friends on blogger. ;)

*Hi5s back!*

Destiny's child... said...

Way to go foodie!
Khao pio aish karo :)

Shadow said...

damn that pasta sounds good!

Miss Sunshine said...

hahaha =))

The Blessed One said...

foodies unite :) :D