Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Superficial? Not?

Doesn't sound like I'm too happy right? Guess what, I guess I am not. I'm just too peturbed and deep into thoughts!
Somethings which haunt me like nobody's business are creeping me out. I believe it's all superficial..
Or sometimes it's not..

  • Friendship - Overrated? Not? I don't know is the answer I get when I ask this to myself.
  • Love - Damn, is it ever always perfectly true? :|
  • Happiness - what exactly does it signify?
  • Depression - What is the extent of it?
  • Trust - is it always soul connected?

I feel so stupid sometimes when I start wondering about all the things, emotions prevalent in our lives..
And to think, that they consume the better of us..

and it all boils down to one thing..




It's good to think about different aspects of life, Why? well why not.


Miss Sunshine said...

That's the point I guess!

Harini said...

Sometimes its better to just shut our brain and not think way too much

Miss Sunshine said...


buckingfastard said...

well i think dat only friendship and depression are all are superficial stuff created to keep us happy in da absence of above 2

Miss Sunshine said...

that sounds.. quite true to some point. =))
But then, you never know what's true and what is not!?!

Shadow said...

good questions. nonetheless, when i start wondering about things like these i know its time... time to return to the here and now. for to ponder some things brings nothing but an emptiness, and feeling of despair at having to do the 'same' things over and over again. and i feel a futility to living that is NOT condusive of peace and happiness... hope you feel better soon!

Miss Sunshine said...

it's so stupid and deep at the same time dat i cannot conceive what my problem is.. haha!

The Blessed One said...

Soul searching?
interesting must say :)