Saturday, March 13, 2010

Puff! I Hate The Heat!

It's so hot. That too so suddenly, I mean I was wearing my warm cozy woolies till 4 weeks ago, and now all I can think about it having a bath all day long. I hate the dry, hot summers. All you can think about is bathing , sipping cold drinks, and not smelling like a pig! UGH! And summers make you look fat! :(
Your hair is like straw, skin is peeling like snake skin.. I know you got my point.

DAMN! I am so pissed at the moment! :(



Can you send a little sun and warmth over here, it is freezing cold.
When I lived in Spain the summers were unbearably hot so can relate to how you must be feeling at this moment in time.

Take care.

Miss Sunshine said...

I sometimes wish that the weathers of all parts of the world should be mixed and then given out. SO that it's moderate everywhere. lol. :)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

I completely understand
I love winter and I don't even know why winter slipped away and summer came :( :(

Miss Sunshine said...


The Blessed One said...

Heheh miss sunshine hates sun lol! :P

Miss Sunshine said...

hahahaha. irony of life. =))

The Blessed One said...

:) :*