Monday, January 26, 2009

Drug Abuse: It's closer than you think!

Ahh..well..all of us are familiar with it..or rather the technical aspect of in what it is it done and all! 

I am going to start with a little short story which is a true one..

A few weeks ago,I was talking to a close friend of mine at 11 p.m. in the night. We were laughing, fooling around and all the things normal people do..then suddenly she asks me to cut the call, as it's the time when she talks to her boyfriend! I cribbed, but nonetheless cut the call. I wanted to talk to her but then decided against it as she would be talking to her guy! Then i just decided to doze off..i switched off the lights and slept! The next day morning, when we met (she's a college mate) , the always happy go lucky Naina (name changed!) seemed a bit pissed. I did not notice initially, but I did afterwards when I saw her snapping at everyone she talked too.. I asked her as to what had happened..she was a bit reluctant but finally gave in and told me what had happened. Last night her guy did not talk to her nicely and was rude AND did not talk to her.. It was a big deal because Kunal (name changed again!) was a very caring and affectionate guy! I calmed her down and said my share's okay's and don't worry's! She was pissed..said I wont call him now, until he does and all! My wretched intuition told me not to allow her to do in not talk to him. (I call my wretched intuition "wretched" because it always gives me an hint when something is wrong!) I made her talk to him..and know what happens?
He had been given a LETHAL overdose of drugs. 
Even if there was 2-3 grams more, he would have been gone. NO MORE in this happy world!

Which is now turning sad!

Why I narrated this was because I want to make it clear that it's not just in movies anymore! It's for real! Drugs flow freely like water in our country! So guys, just be more aware and vigilant! Coz' it ain't cool!

Btw, it was stupid of me to not mention how he was tricked! He was invited (forcefully) to a "party" for lohri , it's a north Indian harvest festival. Everyone was drinking there, but he did not. He kept saying "no's" and "thnank you's". Then somebody handed him a glass of Pepsi, which he of course did not refuse and drank it. He drank half a glass , ONLY half a glass of that Pepsi and fainted! Half a glass had so much drugs! CAN YOU believe?
And as someone has rightly said , Bollywood may not be that "unrealistic" anymore!


^_^ SENO ^_^ said...

How was the guy given the drug in the first place :O

But yeah, its true that DRUGS are free flowing and nice of you to blog about such a trivial issue :)



Anurag said...

good of you to post the matter to the world.. really shows how close the "unrealistic bollywood" world is to us nowadays..

Satans Darling™ said...

Yeah how was he given drugs in the first place? Could you elaborate?! But nonetheless it is a good read and a very good subject to write on. People think drugs are some kind of status symbol and a sign of stylishness and coolness. I think so too... NOT! People need to start thinking with their brains and not just following the other so called "cool" people.

roli chauhan said...

please use diff colour really not able to read it proprly.i want to read it.

Amit said...

It is heartning to read this.. also what tool do u use to put such techi pics.. I would like to have them for me :)

Apurva said...

@ amit
umm, wat do u mean by "techi" pics?

done! :) enjoy readin!

@seno , ash
i am editin.. read it! :)

Amit said...

The girls picture you put in for drug abuse... is it a normal picture or did you do some editing...also.. are you good at photography :)

Apurva said...

OH! I just found it online.. :) and I am good at photography! :P or so my friends say!

Krishna P. said...

Yup i know your good!trust me she's good!

Apurva said...

:P shatap! <3