Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goodbye 2008..

Even though I welcome 2009 gladly..i am a bit sad coz we are leavin behind 2008..
2008 gave me some very amazing memories.. .. and some very amazing friends.. MY cabbies…who I would like to thank.. :D
thnku cabbies for makin my year so special and it the surprises for it the bumpy rides..the runway..goin to IHC in our nice formals..and gettin them all trashed coz of the number of us in the cab! lol..sanchu's and shweta's marriage..
we’ve always been together..and I hope we will be for always.. :D
thnx..and thnku to the khatara old maruti van too.. :D here r the cabbies for those ignorant ppl who don’t knw us! :P 

…..diya…a.k.a. simon..
I WAS SO WRONG ABOUT YOU!! Oh gosh! I am so ashamed man..but I guess it’s okay now.. :P diya is one of the warmest of the most brainest idiots..around!
She’s supercool..and a! <3>

…..niks…a.k.a. niks amma..(4 me!)
okay..firstly..sorry fr teasin u so much..dat dsnt mean I will stop but.. :D niks is DU full attendance holder ..LOL! :P she’s the one who always pokes me for doin the WRONG stuff..which I think is cool.. :) niks is someone I would go to if I want proper , SANE advice.. :P ;)
THNX! <3>

……..ritika..a.k.a jerry…
we were such idiots,morons..nonsense..i
n school..for not knowin each! YEAH! Ur blamed too! I love the fact that I can totally count on her when I crack lame jokes.. :P
because she laughs on them too!! *Thnx* :P 
btw , a piece of advie u should seriously use.. :P.. try modellin u hottie.. 
and I love ur new haircut!! :) <3>

…….shweta…a.k.a. luchhi..(although no1 calls u this!)…
OMG! She is SUPER CRAZY! INSANE IN THE BRAIN! She’s high even when she’s nt drunk!! :P and her silly comments…ROFL! I can totally imagine her right now..makin silly faces.. :D and the way she the drop of a hat.. lol!
But @ the end of all the stupidity she’s amazing..! <3>

………shraddha a.k.a. ummmmmmm…..nothing well!.. :D
because she said 10 intelligent things in ONE DAY!’s shraddha for u! hehehe..despite her silly brain..she’s a cutie pie..with a nice friendly! <3>

…..prateek..a.k.a. idiot..(I named u rite now)..
lol! WELCOME new cabbie..he’s the newest of us..nonetheless he’s a part of our family..He’s so nice..coz he holds my bag! Lol..i love his way of katofyin everyone..and his idiotic fights with sanchu.. :D <3>

BFIA BHAI! :P I love our silly outings and all..I MEAN! Who goes to CP frm shag\hadra..just for breakfast! WHY? Coz we were late for our class by 10 minutes…OMG! And our silly fights 2 annoy sanchu!! Oh man , I miss u..jaldi aa!!
Even though he’s a harami..he’s one of those gold hearts

BAS BAS!! Hawa main mat udd..come down!! <3>

..sanchu..a.k.a. pataka..
now u must be fumin as to why ur named at the last! Lol..that’s because..i have so much to say!! I dunno how, but we’ve grown so close..doin everythin silly..after just some months..u hav this special place in my heart..(I SO HOPE DHAWAL IS GETTING Jealous) :D
lol..never had I thought we’ll become such good frnds the first time we met..rmbr na moti? Lol..and we hav so much In common..the best thing is MTNL ka phone..hahaha! :P lol! Be the same..i dun mean ur size.. :D 
muah! <3>

I love u guys..**sniff sniff** :P <3>
Kuch jyaada hi likh diya mazak mazak main! Lol!
Be the same.(.i hope not in the same cab but) in the following new year!!

However chhotu our campus is..i love my college! :) coz we rock!

thnx Vinod too! even though ur not a cabbie , ur close to my heart too! <3 >

thnx Abhi too! because ur a SUPER STUD! <3>

thnx Riddhika..coz ur such an ass! i wont say nice stuff,coz u think i am lying.. :(
but now that u are nice enough to lemme write..i will.. :)
oh well..ur such an Insane person..and such a complicated person..u show everyone how strong..and unemotional..and heartless u r..but actually..ur sucha a sweetheart.. <3>
most importantly..i love how u have this totally awesome way of solving my problems so SIMPLY! I keep on brooding over it for like a week..and u solve it in a jiffy! You're one of those who wont be there in happy times..but will always b there in sad support ofc..that's wat u have done fr me..and i wanna thank u for that! 
:P love u!

thnx Aru,for bein my soul twin! and understanding me and bein there when i need u the most,even wdt me askin u too!

thnx Mrinal..for being who u r..u knw what i mean babe! 

thnx Anshu,for bein my oldest pal..and jheling me for 11 years now..thnk god for the day i left my water bottle in the! :P

thnx..last but not the fellow ILMB-ites :)

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Satans Darling™ said...

Finally you're here :)

Long awaited!

I can see why you had such a great 2008 and I am sure you will have a better 2009!

Keep em comin sista

Apurva said...

thnx :) thnx for the encouragement! and yeah..once i am here , i'l keep coming back!

Krishna P. said...

We Love You too!

Apurva said...

<3 same here!