Friday, January 9, 2009

Meow Chilly!

Well , this is dedicated to my friend Chillz , whom i have never met..Chillz is a cat..and was Mrinal's pet! Well,Mrinal is my girl-friend! :P lol.
I write a letter to
Chillz here:
Hey Chilly,
Hmmm..I know of you as a cutie-pie cat..kitten actually..who is the apple of everyone's eye in your house..but well , you had to leave for your heavenly abode..leaving all of us , your fans nonetheless , behind..I think you were called back for a make some more people happy.. :)
All the best! :)

btw, i write in baby language coz Chillz was a baby! , and he will understand that language only!) :)

And now i write to
Hey Buddy..
It's not Your fault that
Chillz has gone..maybe he was god's special cat and has been called back for a mission! :) He was an angel , sent to you to make you happy..and now someone else needs him more than you!
AND! Please don't cry..i don't think our
Chillz would like it! I love you mate! Don't even think that everyone you love is snatched away from you..Chillz has gone for greater good! (YEAH! stolen from Harry Potter, so what!?) and you should be proud of him!
Apurva :)


Raashi said...

RIP Chillz...


muah...muah...muah...muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuah chilli baby!!!i miss u SO much!!!....jus be happy always!!...i hope to meet u one day...:-((

Apurva said...

we loved u too chillz!

Krishna P. said...

May you be happy in your new residence *Chillz*
and mrinal don't worry we're with you :) you'll meet chillz someday i'm sure!

Apurva said...

yep, i am sure too! love u!