Thursday, March 19, 2009


Scared Already?

I don't understand WHY, people are scared of this term! I mean, what's the big harm? As in, I am scared of losing my dear ones, them dying and all, but not my own death. Something you will never know what it is like, how can you be scared of it?
I think it's human psychology, to be scared of something they fully don't know about. We don't know were we end up after dying. There are theories, (going to heaven, soul entering another body, soul living in the house for a year, blah, blah and blah.) ,but well, they are JUST theories. NOT the truth. Nobody can verify it! Tell me, were you shit scared when you entered the universe? NO! Coz, you will never remember! You are new to that phenomenon also, but we aren't scared of THAT! Now, why is that? :O
I am not a sadist or someone, not that I don't love my family and all, but it's just a weird concept that we all are scared of! I don't see a reason to fear leaving all those things behind, which we hadn't come down with , in the first place! We come with our body, go back with that! Yeah, feelings develop for everything, but that's nothing to be scared of! It's Tit for Tat!

I am pretty Crazy, I know! :)



well if THIS is being crazy then m one o' them!!lol
its same with me...
u r nt alone...

sawan said...

i dnt think people are scared of something which they dont know. its the truth which tells them that they wouldnt be in the comfort zone in which they are now that make them scared. i wish this feel of not scared of the term remain with ya till ur last breathe. be well and be safe.

Satans Darling™ said...

Forget about death :P Drink it up and live ur life to the fullest! Who knows when it will end!!!

Apurva said...

@ mrinal
i know i could count on you! phew! :P

yeah, dat's the main reason i believe. like people are scared of lions, cuz no1 has really tried to tame it! and not scared of dogs or cat, cuz dat's a common phenomenon! I truly agree with u!

@ Ashrita di
lol! hahahaha! i know! SO cool!

mysterious gal said...

ur not crazy ur extra sane thats it :P
WTF with death.....Fuck it and just live life who knows :P

Apurva said...

@ Nabs
it looks as if someone has hacked your account! lol! :P
and thnxxxx! :) :)
i know! let it be..jab marna hai marjaenge!

Anonymous said...

liked this one !! reminded me of this poem of mine :

Apurva said...

surely gonna read!

Anonymous said...

hey....nice one!! even u can write so well ya!

Apurva said...

@ Asif
lol, thnx! I am not that good, but yeah, I like writing and just write watever i feel about! :)