Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Humble Therapy..

It's not heavy on your pocket. 
Provides excersise to your mind as well.
 Relaxes you like magic. 
You don't even need to leave the comfort of your house! 
No calling over of attendants. 
Nothing fancy. 
Simple, Straight, To the point. 
That is to make you R-E-L-A-X! :)

Guess? Anyone? It's WritingMy humble therapy.
Writing is like the ultimate stress buster for me and, I am sure hundreds of people like me. It makes me take off my mind from all the various things I am simutaneously wondering, thinking, planning, worrying of. It makes me concentrate on one topic, one thing, and lets my mind flow freely, with everything I can think about that topic! It makes me relax and oblivious to all the things around me.. (Sometimes it's not that good, as once I was writing something, and my mom was shouting and calling me, and I did not realise..!) :P  
It's so natural and trouble free too.. All you need is a pen and a paper..or an internet connection :D And the best part is , you are the ruler of your world. You can weave your own magical universe, be the princess or the vamp. You can let your imagination run WILD! Set it loose and nobody will complain. You are not interupted by anyone. Nobody pokes their nose or cuts your thoughts, unlike in a conversation. You can be yourself, no nood to pretend and put a facade. No need to sound politically correct!It's your choice, after all! Best Part: it helps in so many ways, like improving your vocabulary, writing skills, overcoming your shyness etc etc!  Go ahead, experience  it. It's sure gonna help and you will love it!


neeraj_only said...

oh, u big 'writer' motivating others..accha hai :P
btw this writing thing is good .It helps in many ways i.e we can express well. Giving words to our thoughts is so difficult work and this comes only through experience (some can do it without exp. as well).

And all of us are different , so are our thoughts. This is sufficient reason to write our thoughts.

End of "badi-badi-baatein"......

1 memory from my "database". My friend thought , he had written one article so well during class-XI ( english paper obviously) exam. He kept that article with him and written one "less-good-article" for the exam (thank god he was not caught doing flow of extra sheets..hehe ). So moral is writers can get "out-of-the-world-thinking"......cheers

Satans Darling™ said...

I agree! Writing is BLISS! It frees your mind to an infinite extent! I agree with every word :)

Nice post!

Siya said...

Totally agree!! :) One should try free-write..relaxes the mind like nothing else..which means basically to write just anything and everything that comes to ur head..writing is so addictive..when i sit to write my personal diary..I go mad!! i write 20 pages araam se!:D that's why trying to keep away from it and a bit from my blog as well!! Exams!! X(

Oh, and lovely new template! :)You've really inspired me to get a new one too!

Apurva said...

@ Neeraj
hahaha, nice one.. :) and thnx :)

@ Ash
thnku :D and yea, BLISS is the word!

@ Siya
i agree 100% :D thnku! :) lol, get a new one then :P

Anonymous said...

alle wow!! full on inspiration :)

CrAzY fReAk! said...

:) thnx :D