Friday, March 20, 2009

Of Boyfriends..and their Girls.. ;)

Well, It's a pretty debatable and widely discussed topic. The usual debates are over how having a boyfriend is not nice, or how cute a couple they look as, or how one of the pair is not good looking, etc. etc. :D
Ever wondered if the image we, as girls create in our minds, of the "perfect girl" is the same as that of the boys? 
For us, Girls, the Perfect Girl is the Thin Bitch type. (That's what I refer them as!) This Girl is Thin, Tall, Fair, Beautiful, Lean, Meaty YET Skinny legs, a 24 inch waist, smooth , silky, straight, LONG hair, Milk Smooth Skin, Acne free, Pimple free Skin, Deer eyes, Slender collar bone showing, TONED, WASHBOARD Abs!

Am i WRONG? No, from a girls point of view, I am absolutely correct! We all think that this is what guys want! (By guys I mean, the Intelligent types, NOT the dumb-air heads.)

And, to the contrary, GUYS don't like such typos! They don't care, don't even get to know when you are not waxed, they don't mind if you have that little paunch, they love your short hair, even if it is weather beaten! The only thing they care about is, if you are smart enough, and have an interesting persona! I swear! They hate the Thin Bitch types! They don't want those not so huggable bodies, where bones are sticking and jutting from everywhere imaginable! They love your huggable, fatty bod, with those curves! :)
NO ANOREXIC is their motto! lol! :D You love them , they will love you back! :) They don't expect to find you in those HOT-figure flattering clothes either! On the other hand, most of them find their girls sexier in long, loose tees! They don't Don't care if you are not fair and lovely! PLEASE! Bipasha Basu has the hottest man in India! AND she's dusky. Keep that make up box also inside! Wash away the pancakes! Be yourself! Cuz they love you for what you are, not what you are trying to! Binge, enjoy your life! :)

And, this is for the Guys!

HEY! And, I know that you guys have this misconception that we want those muscular, hunky dory guys, or the extreme cute ones! IT is not like that! Of course, looks matter, but 10% only! If you have brains, gel along with us, we like you! We like your floppy hair, your crooked smile and the way you spill the ketchup on yourself while trying to RIP apart a sachet! We read Twilight,we Love Edward Cullen,  but at the end of the day, it's YOU who make us melt! 
So Chill! 

Yeah, sometimes we want to spoiled, like with all those mushy-movie type dinners and all, but not everyday, DUH! We love you for what you are, just like you do! And We also know that sometimes you also want us to look like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston, but SOMETIMES! Not always! :) 

We will keep it in mind, don't worry! ;)


Shhhh said...

I'm with u on that, Apurva. Howeva gurls, take care of urself. Don't change for the boys (@ least try not to in the first year). Eat, love urself, stay happy. Have the ability to look as hot as kartina yet let ur haie down n have fun. Don't be scared to do the dirty work (like gardening, trekking, playin sports and all) It's okay to not be a pin-up doll. Love n respect urself.Remember ur body is a temple - don't dump it with toxins. When u love urself, the world will love u!
Wild Child

Apurva said...

I agree, totally! Be yourself, only then will you know if he's worthwile or not! if he doesnt like u for wat u r, how wil u ever be able to live togethr? :O

Shhhh said...

LOL tension taking not! a better peice will come along! ;)

gargi said... here goes my
nice article first of all Appu deary :D

ok.. waise as long as i was in delhi..girl..i saw every fucking guy go for the thin bitches!.. like contradicting you hea... but the thing is..there is more they look in the "baggage" up there..if you know what i mean... but then.. these girls..are just "timepass" for them.. so they do like the happy go lucky i dont give a eff about how i look kinda girls... but that is when it comes to getting into serious relationships... so they go sleeping around..with girls..and when it comes to getting a all comes down to.. "she has to be a virgin!"... there are so many things i can add to i think im gona go write a post on my for the idea deary!! :D

luv ya..mwah!!!!

Satans Darling™ said...

I agree with Gargi! Guys are not less lol. Everyone has individual preferences, I like the people who go for personality because I am one of them too. But I have seen and known girls, especially in New Delhi, who just go for the bling! Guys.. Well, they need a good rack and a good ass that is all what they want!

About serious relationships, what can I say, Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

Apurva said...

LOL! @ Gargi and Ash
I mentioned that i am talking about the NORMAL guys..not those oily-streaked hair ones! They are big time losers, anyway! this was all in respect of a serious relationship! those dumb-blond's dont care about anything! :D air heads! this is about girls like u and me!

Anonymous said...


Shhhh said...

LOL. Never judge anyone that's all I'll say. You can't ever slassify someone. As in this kind of person will like only this kinda thing. There are as many preferences as there are people on this earth.


one of the bestest written thing i ever read!!!!
you go gurl!!!!

IcE MaiDeN said...

lolz. lovely writeup. :)

sawan said...

wish every grl think like ya :P

Apurva said...

lol! thnx everyone! :P and i agree with u fatty! everyone is different..but general masses think alike..on a macro basis! :D

WiLD ChiLD said...

True. General masses think alike

Siya said...

I wish you're right about the way guys think! :P

Although, I think..the way u put it..not many are like that..

Wonder how everyone around you has someone to be with? People are opportunists..most of em don't wait for 'the one' to come their way..they just go along with it.. even if they don't gel along so well..but have someone to show off to friends and everybody around.

P.S.: Cool blog!!Love ur purple template!! :D

Apurva said...

@ Siya
thnx for visiting! :) and thnx again! u can have some really cool templates too ,
i know..these are the loserish ones.. date someone just for the heck of it.. i am talkin about the actualy long term relationships.. short term main, every bloody thing is superficial, like you pointed out! :)

keep Visiting!

neeraj_only said...

oh...the "boy-girl" world from your eyes (good one ).Hey, but this mystery will remain a mystery for ever ...what women want..hehe..

i do remember one line from the movie "P.S i love you" ...when 1 guy asked Hilary Swank .."what actually women want?"

guess what her ans was (u may be knowing if u watched the movie )..."actually we don't know what we want"..hehe (obviously she spoke in the ear of the keep it secret) haha...

btw...keep blogging..will try to read more of you.

Apurva said...

@ neeraj
hmm.. not seen the movie..but have read the book.. :D
thnx for visiting, and yes Women will remain a mystery forever!

Hope to cya around.

Anonymous said...

interesting !! i just affirm one thing .. No one will love you, unless you love yourself !! so stop cribbing and make the best you have :)

ps:thanks for following me !

Apurva said...

lol! welcome! My Pleasure! :)
and yes, very well said. What i wanted to say in dat long thing, you said in just one sentence! :)

sanely insane said...

huggable is very very fun hugging skeletons

but beyond that both men and women (girls and boys) should try and be sure god didnt intend us to look the same as the couch we sit on :P

Miss Sunshine said...

:P :) sahi bola ;)

Koo said...

Daym this is Sooo true! :)
Even though i fall under 'Thin' category, it's not looks that matter at the end of the day.
And also! Bipasha Basu has a curvy, not-thin figure :D
Proving your theory further ;)