Monday, March 23, 2009

Jai Hind!

Well, well, Well, I read this article on my fellow blogger's blog "Princess' Diary"  (read it after you read my article! LOL!)  and it just made me realise how, HOW special and amazing my country is!
I am a true patriot, I love my country, and people who have some wierd, NOT nice thought, you may just leave, THANK you very MUCH! Hell Yes, I am rude if you don't like us! 
I think India is the most versatile country, ever! India gave the world Zero and Decimals! India is the land of spices! Imagine bland food. (Eww!) India is the foster mother everyone has! Like Mother Teresa. Nowhere to go, come here. Don't get me wrong, it's not JUST a pity center. We have every god damn thing! Ratan Tata, Indian, builds a bloody 1 lakh car, which is going to change the European car market, forever, and Indian, ofc! Economically speaking, India is still growing, in the times of deep recession. We still have positive figures, unlike the "powerful" USA. Danny Boyle, the India you show is true too, but that's just ONE side of it. Just one side of the many faceted country. We have our share of crap too, but well, as I said, it's just a share. Our country has the seen given birth to some of the most amazing leaders of the times. Mahatma Gandhi, fred a country, with NON violence! Beat that! India provides world class education, (for those who want to take it), at 1/4th the prices. Getting into IIT is far more difficult than getting into MIT, statistically. Go see, if you don't believe. Four of the MAJOR world religions have originated here!  (HinduismBuddhismJainism and Sikhism) India a potpourri of different cultures, religions, and beliefs, is home to not just one or two languages but is a mixture of uncountable number of different lingual families. The language of Indian people changes at every mile. (And, Hindi is not the official language of India!) There are 407 living languages of India, and 22 languages officially recognized by the Constitution of India. Now tell me, which country can even boast of even HALF of the number? India is the software hub of the world! Geographically too, India has loads to boast about! There's Cherapunji, the place where it rains cats and dogs and there's the great Thar desert, as dry as a parched throat! There in Ganga, Brahmaputra, Krishna and Godavari! (Rivers, if you don't know) There are the great and mighty Aravalli hills! Beautiful lakes and islands! Tradition is also one thing very important. The amount of care and protection AND mannerisms Indian parents provide, I don't think is easily available anywhere else. It's JUST not the culture anywhere else! You go to any country, No one, I can bet you, no one is as hospitable as Indians. They will take you to their homes, make you feel at ease, only if you ask them for a glass of water. "Athithi devo Bhavah" (Guests are like God, is a rule of thumb!) Even in slums they will give you the best possible facilities they can provide you with! Every Indian has this zest for life, and above everything hope. Which I think is VERY necessary for anyone to grow, even a country. Hope drives every damn thing in this universe! India is god for us, not just a piece of land! That's the beauty of the place. That's the fascination! We may be the land of snake charmers and elephants, we still have them, But we have grown, grown to shine. Grown to rise above the rest, keeping our history intact! That's what makes us unique! And, If somebody else had to write about their country, all of them would google, wikipedia it. Not Us. It's just inside us, everything comes from inside. It's our favourite topic, I tell you. You name it, we have it. That's the motto of our Amazing, Incredible India.

India is Shining, literally. Come be a part of it. Jai Hind!



whoa!!!!AHMAZINGLY written!!!u sound like akshay kumar in 'namaste london' the way u forgot to mention's one hell important thing for india!!lol

Apurva said...

:P if I mention everything, what will you do! :P
I know, Bollywood. there aer many things I did not mention. If i start, the article will be several pages long! :D
thnx :D that was one hell of a compliment! :)

archana said...

oye meri atankwaadi u know wot?i was gonna write sumthin on this topic on my blog (thanks 2 fatty),......sad tuney yeh kaam merese pehle kar diya:(
anyways as always very well written

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed this !! i love India and never desire to settle anywhere else any birth !!

^_^ SENO ^_^ said...

Wow u just stirred my patriotic spirits back to the right place. I got goose bumps as I was reading :) well written !

Apurva said...

@ Archie di
lol! I know, fatty stirred up the Indian Patriot in me! :P
and thnx! :D

@ Pretty Me!
first of all, I am obliged YOU read my article and liked it! :) I read ur posts on WL and love them :P :)
thnx! And I agree, I wanna stay here forever. I wanna die here too!

@ Seno
Thnx! :D lol, m glad I could do that! :D

neeraj_only said...

oye appu : it seems you have opened " pandora box" here.All the topics you have touched will need at least 2 hours of shouting debate (hehe ).Please do discuss these things with your friends (great experience it must be ).

btw , nothing wrong with your thoughts about india , but we should the aware of the ground reality and ever evolving problems in india.

some points i would like to make are

#Athithi devo Bhavah : hey , but do we give equal respect to unknowns , i.e person facing accident on roads. Most of us will try to move on. (debatable i know).

#education : we can boast of IITs and IIMs , but primary education for all remains a dream.

#gandhi : hey , give equal credit to "revolutionaries" yaar.

#Software hub : naah, i think we are just "service providers" to west.(slavery i call that). we are cheap labour , and can work with less money (that money can be enough for us though).

so debate all the the mean time ....keep repeating "jai jind" :)
i said it will be good learning experience...go for it.

Anonymous said...

proud of the country and proud of ya girlie.. :D

Apurva said...

thnx Kajal! :)

@ Neeraj
as i said, we have our share of muck, and it's a share. and we are not just service providers only. dude, the bloody softwares we develop is creepy ! I know all this cuz my dad is one of those ppl! :D
and yea, all of them are debatable topics.. i know we deserve bashin, for some reasons, and i have covered that as well.. see my Valentine's Day article.
and i agree to all the things u say..and also the pont dat these are HIGHLY debatable. like they need shouting matches. :P
thnx :)

neeraj_only said...

oye appu: one sad thing , i shall be working with one of those "multinationals" (as s/w engineer) in 3 months (if they send the joining date in time..hehe)

I will be one slave , will know more about "indian-software-industry"....and will inform you about developments if any (what i think about that then).

for the time being "slavery-rocks" (this was my-friend-circle's motto last semester)...haha

Apurva said...

lol Neeraj, hope you get the date soon. and yeah, what's better than getting the opinion straight from the horse's mouth! :)

Apurva said...

lol Neeraj, hope you get the date soon. and yeah, what's better than getting the opinion straight from the horse's mouth! :)

WiLD ChiLD said...

It's really nice 2 hear that I stirred the Indian Patriot in you. I'm so proud of you cuz my main aim for writing that blog was to make people realize something. So many think it was negative and I've recieved an earful for it.

Why i wrote it? To make people realize they got such a good thing and they ain't cherishing it! If everyone like honey, realizes what we really are, we're no less than the so called powerful USA. We got the balls and the brains to make it happen. We can be a superpower - if only everyone sits up and takes notice of things that are right in front of our eyes yet them, we ignore.

Kisses to you Apurva! Love what you wrote. So passionate. It's been a long time I read something like that!


अनिल कान्त : said...

आपकी कलम अच्छी चलती है ...अच्छा लगा आपका लिखा हुआ पढ़कर

मेरी कलम - मेरी अभिव्यक्ति

Apurva said...

@ Fatty
A million thnx to you firstly, who just made me realise, in a snap, what my country means to me! :)
and i don't think it was negative at starts like that..but what's the fun without a bit of controversy? lol!
and hell yes, we got the balls and the brains, exactly what I mean! :D

Apurva said...

@ Anil Kant
thnx a lot! Thnku so much for reading and appreciating my point of view!

WiLD ChiLD said...

@ Apu: I love the controversy :P People with brains realize what it was all about. :)

Apurva said...

yep fatty, that's what blogging is about! :P :D