Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Friend!

Umm, I am thinking of writing this since morning, I started writing in the afternoon, but well..I just deleted the draft. I don't care if you read it or not. Maybe you wont, but I cant wish you nicely and properly, so I am doing it here, the place where I gain freedom from my thoughts! :) There are some things, I'd like to tell you:
1) I am really sorry, that I have an attitude problem, I never did it purposefully.

2) I know I have changed, and maybe I have inculcated some bad habits, but I never meant to hurt you, or something.

3) I am sorry for myself, that I am losing you!

4) You may have hundreds of friends, whom you love, who are more worthy of your friendship, but I have only a few, who I know, I can count on. And you are the number 1 on that list.

5) Hate me, I cannot stop you, and I know I deserve it, but just let me know what was my fault. 

6) Give me one more chance, like you always do, let me change myself.

7) I am sorry for the scene I created. I did not want to. I am sorry I came. 

8) I am sorry I spoilt your day. I hope you enjoyed the better part of it.

9) I have so many things to say.. I dunno what to write, what not to.. I love you, you are my most prized friend, coz you were there when I needed someone the most!

10) Forgive me, someday. I will not irritate you until then.

11)  Whenever You are ready to forgive me, I'll be there standing, waiting for you to come back!

12) Take your gift please.

13) Sorry again, and Happy Birthday!  God bless you!

Readers, I don't need sympathy, so I don't want any of those comments! :) I was wrong, let me suffer!


Riddhika said...

shut up! :'(

Anonymous said...

awweeee... cute cute cute.. HUGS

Anonymous said...

awweeee... cute cute cute.. HUGS

gargi said...

i dont think u need to "suffer"..uv said enough on your part...
hope everything goes back to happy happy times :)


Apurva said...

@ riddhika

hmm, well..okayy

:) thnku :-*

@gargi is mayb alryt.. :)


the gurl's gone MAD!!
whom is it directed to???

Apurva said...

lol, well, i can't tell :)