Friday, July 3, 2009

100. The Pop Will Go On

Hmmm…it felt ironic reading the comments on your post Appu, the one on Michael Jackson..While he was alive people loathed him, but now that he's gone, they miss him and idolize him, but something tells me he's out there somewhere, watching all this and perhaps smiling with contentment that finally he gets the love he craved for, and the love he deserves, from his childhood. I don’t blame those who posted…am talking about people across the world and I won’t blame them either (who am I to blame anyone anyway?)From their point of view he was just another pop-star types : loads of money, loads of fame…who think they can do anything and get away with it. But what they did not see is why he acted the way he did, I don’t know the truth about the child molestation cases, but what I know is that he is a..sorry, I can’t believe I have to write in the past tense referring to him :’(, he was, child at heart, a child who never had a childhood. If only they had known, the poor man even as a child never was allowed to be like other normal children playing and stuff like that. So all his life he tried to reclaim, what is the right of every single human on this planet, he being no different, “a happy childhood”. Now am not saying that if you have a bad childhood you can go about molesting innocent children..NO! That’s definitely not what I am saying. .I am just saying that people should first try to understand the reasons why the person acted in a particular way..Wait till the judgement is passed..For the record he was never held guilty..A lot of his actions can be explained by what happened to him in his childhood..His father was a cruel and disciplinarian kind of parent, although he is also the reason why Michael had built on his talent as kid, but according to the biography I saw he had sent MJ to a prostitute center in his childhood so that he would grow up..But little Michael did what only an innocent child would have done, he read them a few lines from the bible which his mother had taught him! His whole adolescence he struggled to tell his mother what his father was involved in fearing he would upset her perhaps one of the reasons which made him lose his emotional and mental peace and balance. He tried make up for everything with the fame he achieved believing he could remain a child forever in his Neverland ranch, which of-course was sadly taken to pay his massive debts. Even in songs like the OST of the movie “Free Willy” he talks about his lost childhood, the song being titled “Have you seen my childhood”. In life he had achieved the pinnacle of success but also hit the lowest of the lows..what is most sad is he died trying to give everyone one final Thriller, to tell them that he’s not really BAD, that he isn’t a Smooth Criminal, that all he wanted was to Heal The World and its children and then just Beat It! To hang up his boots and retire in peace. Unfortunately it was not to be, and the arguably greatest entertainer of our times, has passed away silently leaving behind a mourning world. You rock Michael! You always did! May your soul RIP..You will live on in our hearts…

That was a long post but that’s just too little for a great man. That was my way of bidding you goodbye great still mourning your death :( but I’ll celebrate your life :) we all will!

Appu! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post on your blog as a guest…took the opportunity to pay tribute to one of my biggest idols…Now everyone, I know Miss Sunshine since long! Feels like I’ve known her for centuries, millennia if you will, from many lives if there were any before…She is a really, really wonderful human! Of course I know she has a few flaws but then she’s human too, but what I also know is that she has a pure and kind heart, free of all evil almost similar to that of a little child :).She is just so pure! Somewhat like a superhero! She is like defender of the rights of the weak, ready to speak her mind, uninhibited, and just so free. It feels wonderful when you can see her the way I can, you could say I’m biased and maybe I am…but for me, I can say that she is my superhero :) :D. Hoping to read a lot more posts from your side on the blog. Keep going. Keep writing.

Miss Sunshine's Take: The Pop Will Go On



A wonderful blog, extremely well written, Who indeed are we to judge other people?

Happy July 4th.


Brosreview said...

Good points! I was thinking of the exact same thing of people missing and praising him when he is not here.

But, I reckon, him not being in LIVE action since past couple of years shall explain that. Still, I missed him every time I spoke to my mates about music. His contribution will remain the highlight of his autobiography as well.

I've always been sad with people who dismissed his lyrics and calling it "just another POP song". They did not care to go past the curtains and look for the deeper meaning. Well, I am impressed to see that you seem to be doing so.

And, I sincerely hope people will do so, at least now. Run through them lyrics, and you will realize to its complete extent why he is referred to as the King, the icon, the legend.

dreamer said...

Nice post...enjoyed it!!
Happy 100th post!!:):)
Hope you keep posting such hundreds of 100 enjoyable posts!!:):)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A good and Worthy Guest post for a perfect hundred in a warm and cool Blog!!!!!!

Loved reading it! And MJ.. May your soul R.I.P

And Sunshine.. Happy 100!! It's Paaaardy time.. YAY!!!!

Satans Darling™ said...

A perfect 100th post. You should blog more often Vinod :)

Let me add my 2 cents to it. The child molestation cases were never ever proved to be in the favour of the people who sued MJ. They could never prove it. MJ agreed for a strip check at neverland, in which only some of the statements as described by the kid [he was asked to describe what he saw on MJ's body. I mean genitals etc.]. Most of the stuff was not even matching to the description what the kid gave.

Secondly the person who accused MJ for child molestation was one of his friends who needed finance for a project, and MJ had denied that. So this could have well been just a trap.

I agree with TBO, he IS a child at heart. He will never be past for me because he is still alive in my heart and millions of other hearts around the world.

If any of you has watched the documentary of MJ with the BBC reporter Bashir then you must have seen, when MJ went for a vacation in Las Vegas, he had a suite booked for him and the reported stood astonished when he visited MJ's room because it was full of games etc. He even had the automated wheelchair kinda thing [Sorry I don't know what it's called] which the disabled use in American countries for moving around. He used to sit ont hat and roam around in the hotel corridors and lobbies, just for fun. Now that is a kid at heart.

Maybe he got punished and depressed because he refused to grow up. And people just spoiled his name all the freaking way.

I am really glad that the misery of his life ended, now he is at a much better place where he is at peace, and he does not have to go through the trauma anymore. But his music will live forever and ever.


I got a little carried away there, and I forgot to congratulate my babe for her super 100 posts :) Lovely, lovely celebration. I raise a toast to a level headed young woman, and also to TBO [I love your writing], for making the 100th post a wonderful experience.


Miss Sunshine said...

thanks :D
and yeah, he's one brilliant writer :)

@Princess Nuchu
thaanks :D

I knew you would love his post. When I was reading it, I was like, 'Yeah, Ash would surely like this one." :)

and thanks :))
I love the way he writes :)

hary!! said...

I could not agree more on Michael, he indeed was a child at heart. I dont understand how he was accused of child molestation when his albums revolve around children and he has this big theme park (which is his main debt till date) designed fully for the kids! Well poor Mike after all the childhood he has gone thru indeed had to prove himself not guilty!! Well a person's greatness and love is never realised when he is Mike will be smiling for sure..He sure deserves it! Nice post as usual! :)

roshwrites said...

Congrats on the 100th post Miss Sunshine! Nice post on MJ...

Miss Sunshine said...

thanks roshwrites and hary :)

The Blessed One said...

First of all thanks to Miss Sunshine for allowing me to write the 100th post..:D


Thanks a just came from my heart..

Thank you!You seem to be a big MJ fan just lyk moi!we'll miss him..May he RIP

Hehe!Sure.let Miss Sunshine keep writing blogs and i'll be honoured to do the honours and keep writing 100th posts

@Princess Nuchu
Flattering..I don't if i'm worth the 100th post really..But thanks anyway!:)

@Satan's darling..ya i'm thinking about jumping into the bandwagon of all you cool bloggers..:)
And those points are worth a lot more than 2cents..Cheers my fellow MJ Fan!:) And Satan's darling i've liked ur posts too..Sorry for not commenting on them..will do so for sure..

@Miss Sunshine..YOU ROCK!

@Hary!!Thanks man!Nice to see all Michael Jackson supporters here..

@Roshwrites..Thanks a lot!:)

P.S. Lets Celebrate Michael's life :)

Miss Sunshine said...

you rock too TBO, trust me. :)