Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Hate You - Oh Do You?

How many innumerable times have you just shouted out "I HATE YOU!" and walked off. Most of the times it's said to someone you love deeply and pretty rarely to people you dislike, but well, most of us have got the meaning all jumbled up! Say I Hate You, throw a tantrum, and WHAM! everything will be okay. Or a mere disagreement with someone prompts us to put the other person in the hate category!
I personally put just one person in that category. Just one, and after a research and fool-proof loathing of 5 years. Nobody else. But well, what really defines the hate category?

I'll give a few pointers, and as of course you're welcome to give in your two paisa (no cents :P).

1. He/She should have done something which should have had a DEEP impact on your life. mind you, DEEP.
2. It must have affected you in a life changing manner. Nerve wrecking manner.
3. If not you, some cause that you support with your life.
4. The loathing should come from within without any force..and it should be PURE loathing. The drive-you-to-craziness one.
Before saying those magical three words, Stop, rewind your mind, ask yourself, do you really mean it? Or are you saying it coz it's the latest fad? When you can take a lifetime to say those
three words (I love you), why not pop in a second or two for these ones?
These have a more powerful impact, mind you. You cut off someone from your life just because you couldn't control your moment of madness.
Stop and Listen to your heart then :)
Till then,


Sachi said...

mm... thts smethin i agree

Miss Sunshine said...

:) I am glad you do :)

Smita said...

I totally agree with you!!!

Most of the times we just jump to conclusions!!!

Miss Sunshine said...

yeah..that's one bad thing ingrained in all of us.. :P deeply ingrained if i may say so :D

roshwrites said...

Your right... if I have a little argument with someone I'd say I hate them straight away. Now I might not. Well I'll at least think first!

Miss Sunshine said...

good girl Rosh :D

Anonymous said...

So so true :)

Princess Caspian said...

You sound like Bellatrix!
You got to MEAN it!lol

Miss Sunshine said...

:D yeh, I think so!

hahahahahah :D YO!!!!! ;)

mysterious gal said...

i feel hate and love are both extreme emotions ...and lot goes to experience so be careful to utter them.....i remember when in fights with my ex i used to says those love hate yous.....thats because i used to love him.....and he used to be like ...u gals either love or hate- extreme ....never a zero/neutral in ur life right?......that thing has stuck to me since then and i feel we should be neutral at times .....but u too spread is too short to hate :)......that's why i have ceased to hate people any longer because its too deep a emotion to experience :)

Miss Sunshine said...

wohoo Nabs..U beat me in putting my, or rather our point across.. :D
Very correct.. i mean love.. we take 700 years to realise can u say WHAM I hate u in a sec??

The Blessed One said...

i agree to although hate is a negative feeling which one should try and avoid but rest of the points r very meaningful..should give a lot of thought before hating someone..

Miss Sunshine said...

yep yep yep..and thanks for making me realise the magnitude of this word! i owe you :D

Riddhika said...

wondering who might be that person. 5 years? only 1 name pops into my mind. :P
am i right? ;)