Thursday, July 2, 2009

98. Lost Childhood

Closed doors
Suppressed roars
Broken paths
Live's a wrath.

Cramped rooms
Thousand mates
Narrow streets
Late at nights.

Black rays
Make us stray.
Disconnected gaze
For the mighty gaze.

Unfinished promises
Make us go insane.
Shattering faith,
They call it sane!

We have no right.
We have no duty.
We have no life.
We have no hope.

Strange though it is:
We never had Life,
How can we know it?
We never had faith,
How can we see it?
So how can we loose something
When we never had it?

Still there is a hailstorm inside our hearts.
Did we loose something?
Was it our childhood
Was it our Birth right??

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Miss Sunshine's Take: Lost Childhood


Anonymous said...

Awesome !! loved the take !

Satans Darling™ said...

I have never read your work before, but I must applaud this poem. Great work!


A great read, loved every word.


Miss Sunshine said...

U shud read her blog..she writes quality stuff!


I shudnt have done the 'twist'! I shud just remove it!!!!! You've done soooooooooooooooooo bloody much a nice work! (of course it's a thousand times much more nicer than me!) HADH!!!!!!!
I am saddened! :P

it's so wunnerful yaaaar. It's those short, crisp ones, which leave you wondering for hundreds of years! I love it, absolutely LOVE it.
I cannot find anything else to say :D
Thanks :D xoxoxo!

You're the best!

Princess Caspian said...

Thank you people SO very much!

Princess Caspian said... is disconnected gaze...for the mighty GRACE...not GAZE...

roshwrites said...

Great guest post!

Brosreview said...

Very good work! Keep writing!!!