Friday, July 3, 2009

99a. Love

Love is what binds our friendship
Overcomes any obstacles as they come
Very comforting is your presence, Appu
Enough to tell you I love you when I've never met you...

Hey babe,

Thank you so much for inviting me to write here. See, I even made a more concentrated attempt at Acrostic. Shows I love you sooo much. ;) Nothing much to say cuz we go a long way and you know how I feel about you... But I'd like to remind you that you're a gem. I don't have to exactly pin my feelings down here cuz I'm not comfortable... Yet, I hope you know I hold a lot of gratitude and love for you in my heart. You're my baby sis somewhere and I'm glad our relationship is that way too...

Congratulations on ur blogging success. This is a milestone though. A long way to go. I've seen some of ur work mature here and I tell you, you're better than most of the blogs I read. It's your innocence and passion that has made Crazy Beginnings so loved. Please, keep writing... And always write for yourself.

Just be happy forever. I hope I'll see you someday though. It's not always that Ms.R. falls short of words. Hehehe.

And take care...

Lots of hugs and best wishes,

Miss Sunshine's Take: Love


Miss Sunshine said...

thaaaanks for the acrostic attempt :P
It was sweet :D :D
and that letter..u tuched the right cords! *overwhelmed*
I hope to meet you too someday :D
and yeah, it's difficult to say I love you to someone you've never met, but I am proud to say that you're one of those VERY few people. :D
Thanks. I know , somethings need not to be written, they're better left unspoken :)
**Expressive Silence**

Brosreview said...

Minus the acrostic, I like the lines! Good work! Keep writing Ms.R!!!

Anonymous said...

nice one.....i liked it, and most important is it was a guest post and it was ryt from the heart... :)

Anonymous said...

all the best appu, and we are happy you liked our posts....ALL THE BEST.

Miss Sunshine said...

Yeah, hertfelt, was more important. :)
I loved your posts, u know that. :D