Thursday, July 16, 2009

Saw The Half Blood Prince!

*Dances with glee*
I saw the first day, first show of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince today! :)
I am not giving the full review..just a few random thoughts strung together. The movie is SO commercialised! Not upto the mark (as always) and it seems more like a chick flick in the first half. So much that I felt like puking. Imagine Dumbledore asking Harry if he has something going on with Hermione!??!

Plus, it's filled with the director's own version of the book. The Burrow is burnt down, and tell me where did this happen in the book? It's not something small which can be overlooked, I mean.

The memories (Harry's lessons)aren't shown properly either..and they were the main part of the book. I mean, anybody who hasn't read the book will not understand the grave importance of the memories, will they?
THE WHITE TOMB isn't shown. Pay some respect to Dumbledore atleast! He was THE D-U-M-B-L-E-D-O-R-E!
But the Cave scene, the getting of the fake 'horcrux' , is depicted, I must say beautifully. Full marks to that part. Even though I did cry when Dumbledore died and everyone raised their wands in his honour..

I feel it could have been a bit better.

And, the accompanying picture has Draco in it.. Because Tom Felton looks SMASHING in the movie. Kudos! ;)


Hopeless Romantic said...

why cnt they stick to the original novel and use their "common sense" to make the changes. I hate it when they make changes to a great book, be in HP series or Dan brown novels.

Anyways, lets c when i can watch it !


gargi said...

OMG!! jealous!!!!
hopefully ill see it soon... =)
yeah..the movies never satisfied me!... i have always preferred books over the it any movie adapted from the books..

roshwrites said...

It came out ages ago here... but I haven't watched it... but seeing as you like it I might watch it!

Destiny's child... said...

thanks for the review..i am planning to watch it this Sunday....btw...half blood prince is a book i did not like as much as the other books in the was too stretched out...too full of teenage puppy love n all that...But then, I cant help watching it too...;)

Miss Sunshine said...

tee hee.. I know. I am like dude the story is laid out. DONT use your brains. PLEASE! it's so pissing off!

hahahah :D :) u gotta watch it anyways :P one time is a must..three four scenes are like ahmazzzzing.

yeah, u live in britain na? :P Koi ni..I saw it pehle. ;)
and yep, watch it. :)

Funny you did not like the book. I loved it..and d book wasnt filled with mushy stuff..the movie is. :P and ofc, potter rocks. :D

Hopeless Romantic said...

Hp nahin HR :P

Anonymous said...

I have never seen HP.. even the 1st party.. I had no interest..

But I am sure.. I am gonna watch this one.. And then will watch the other parts in descending order :P

Miss Sunshine said...

sorry :| :P

yes you should! HP nahi padha/dekha toh zindagi hi kya! ;)

mysterious gal said...

i guess i m the only ones who misses out on HP
Though i have seen 1-2 movies of the series and did like it....but dont know what stops me :P

Princess Caspian said...

For the first time I am glad that I did not put money into some Harry thing!
I am feeling disgusted by it...especially the first half! Vomit all over the place...yaeeeeeks!
the only thing worth watching in is was TOM!-Ahmazing!
And man what the hell have they done to Ginny's character?
I wonder what mess they gonna create with the last part!

Princess Caspian said...

And not to forget the joke shop! thing!!!Fred and George never let us ANY way.

Miss Sunshine said...

Yes. I know. Fred+George+Tom
= sexxxxxxxxxy! :P

and i dont wanna get started about the sucky movie anyways.

The Blessed One said...

Hmmm..looks lyk u had a gr8 tym..nice!

Miss Sunshine said...

yes I did.. :D ;) :D