Sunday, July 5, 2009

On Cloud Nine

Thats the post title i pick because Apurva will be on cloud nine with so many amazing people writing on her blog and making it special! Also she completes a very special post. Though im not commenting on the guest posts i read them often and try catching up. I was to do the guest post first but due to exams getting closer and the tenth standard burden i was unable to do it. Finally im here to write for you. First i'd like to thank you for inviting me to write. Thanks a lot!!!

Now here's an acrostic for you about you!

Marvelous posts are yours
Imaginations like no one else's
Special is what you are
Super powers in your words

Smiling and lighting everyone's day
Unbelievable and invincible
Not forgotten
Someone great you are
Hats off to this talent
Inside you
Nice you will remain
Ever after and forever!

I enjoyed writing this! Hope you liked it apu! Till next time..
Loads of love

Miss Sunshine's Take: On Cloud Nine


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool poem!

Miss Sunshine said...

I loved the wunnerful acrostic :D Especially the fact that it was written for me.. :)
Thanks so much for takin time out of ur hectic schedule and writing such a meaningful poem for me :)
thaaaanks :D

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed by Sonshu's writes.. !!

Nice acro girl!

Princess Sonshu said...

@abby: thanks!

Princess Sonshu said...

@Miss Sunshine: My pleasure!!!

Princess Sonshu said...

@Nuchu: ohh..awww