Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back To Square One

Again, into my
Kneel I

Testing the presence of the

Am I
Retreating back to my

Onset of something
New? Or is it the lighted
Enigma I always knew?


mysterious gal said...

can i borrow a dictionary please :P

girl ur going magnificent with poems
this was truly amazing man
loved it <3
keep writing :D

Anonymous said...


Miss Sunshine said...

oh please Nabs.. this was nothing compared to what u write.. I need to borrow a dictionary for every single word :P
and thaanks!

thanks girl :D


Keep them coming I love them,
excellent to read as usual.


Hopeless Romantic said...

nice attempt but i think u can write much better than this !


Miss Sunshine said...

Thanks Yvonne :)

Can I? i'll try then : thanks!

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

That was so, professional-sounding!!like those things you read again and again and you understand it differently each time..

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

think i must read it again and again :)

Rajeev R said...

Every do you manage this?

WE must term...this unique style of poetry as Sunshine style. Lolz....right?

Beautifully crafted...! Even I write poems, but no where near to lucid, so simple, so endearing...

keep writing more often...

^_^ SENO ^_^ said...

Wow am reading your blog after looong time. i READ YOUR FIRST POEM and now this.

Amazing transition. Now you are very good :)

Miss Sunshine said...

aww.. that was so sweet of you to say this :)

why not :D

come on man..i am not even close to being a good writer..i have a long way to go :D but thanks for the flattery :)

whoaaaa...some long time that means. :D and thanks :) hope to write as good as you someday, if not bttr :P

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

woho! someone's has become a total expert when it comes to acrostic.. god bless ya oye!

Miss Sunshine said...

hahaha. thanks for all the buttering :P but m tryna lose weight ;) thaaanks!

Anonymous said...


Only by luck i cn manage Acrostic..! U are an expert ..:)

Amias said...

Oh Miss Sunshine, I love this one .. just perfect!

Miss Sunshine said...

thanks Vyshu :) but it's all thanks to Amias and her workshops.. :) u can do them too :D

tttthaaaaaaaanks. You dont know what thaat means to me :)

Rose said...

Wow..this one was unteresting...:)

Three posts down and all that I'm reading is acro...but you are just too good at it :)

Miss Sunshine said...

:D thanks rose :D

The Blessed One said...

i realised it was a acro only after readin the last post...but still when i read it as a poem i found it just BRILLIANT! ur so damn good at acrostics and poetry!muaaaaaaaaah!xoxoxox!for my lil champ!