Monday, July 13, 2009

Remember Me..

Rain leaves it’s damp foortprint everywhere,

Embers, shine even after the fire dies,

Mist still hangs on, though the cozy winter’s gone,

Each time you write, the impact is left forever.

Mere words touched by you,

Brings alive the magic within,

Romancing and flirting, together.

Miss me, remember me, If I ever go away, cuz,

Each time I stay, the promise seems stronger.

Written for Roshwrites :)


roshwrites said...

Cool... you posted this up here!! It's really amazing! I love this acrostic... and I never will forget you if you go away!


Lovely acrostic poem, loved the read. keep up the good work.


Brosreview said...

A lovely read! Keep writing!!!

Brosreview said...

A lovely read! Keep writing!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice acro..

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. it's very nice to read!

dreamer said...

Its just fantastic.....really I have never read more brilliant acrostic!!

neeraj_only said...

Keep going appu , thumbs up :)

Miss Sunshine said...


:D That was for you it's a double treat that u liked it :)

thanks :) You motivate me :)

thanks so much :)

thanks :)

:) You're the better poet here

hey, thaaaaaaaanks :)

thanks neeraj :)

The Blessed One said...

We'll always remember you but never go away!:)Brilliantly written..:)

Miss Sunshine said...

thanks so much :) and yep, i wont.. will be here :)