Friday, July 3, 2009

99b. LOVE...

This is the 2nd guest post I am writing and I must say that it’s not an easy task, especially for someone like me who is not very good in expressing oneself. It’s not been long that I know you, met you through my fiancé, so I do not know much about you. All I know is you are my fiancé’s friend, you guys met in ILMB (orkut), you stay and study in Delhi, your guy's name is Vinod and you are just 18+. So as a elder brother I wish her all the very best for her future and CONGRATULATIONS for her 100posts. Since I dunno much about you, I thought not to write fake things on you, but better write something which I know about, and even you can also relate to. So after going through almost all your posts, I came across a post, LOVE (15TH FEB 2009). This post was special to you because it was your 1st poem, so even I will assemble all my courage and try something which I have never done before. I will try my 1st ACROSTIC :P Please do not mock or get angry if it does not make sense because this is my 1st attempt. This is something I m writing keeping in mind the problem and difficulty me and my fiancé is facing, but still we are so much in love and we do not let it affect us :)

Licentious, unconditional, brave they were.

Oceans apart they lived compelled by the families,

Vex by the long distance relationship, yet,

Eternal was the bond between them.

Congratulations Appu Baba and hope you achieve greater success in life, Regards,


Miss Sunshine's Take: Love


Miss Sunshine said...

Thanks so much for the post :D :D

and stop mocking me, will you? That was a BEAUTIFUL, brilliant acrostic. Never seen a more wunnerful one. :D
It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
i loved it. and thanks for the no frills post :)
I liked! and the fact that you took my first poem's title.. it was so sweet of you :)
Thanks Commom Man, (and ur a true gem, a.k.a. uncommon) :P

Anonymous said...

:D thnx a lot.... i m glad u liked it!

Miss Sunshine said...

:) :D
i loved it!! :)