Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lost Identity

And, I thought,
I'd finally found my call,
Magically, as if, I'd unearthed,
My truest form.

And, it was crazy,
Everything fell into place,
It was just the beginning,
But, I was already so content.

And, You raised the bars,
The confidence and the expectations,
You made me believe,
I wasn't dumb, after all.

And, you wrapped me in love,
Lauded me with appreciation,
Made me fly high, above et al,
Even when I was scared to fall.

And, you taught me,
To spread my tiny wings,
Fly, explore the blue sky,
To touch the depth of vast seas.

And, then you crushed it all,
Broke it, crumbled my tiny wall,
I was defenseless, it was wrong,
You burned away our beautiful bond.

And, Yet again,
I am lost,
Loveless, faithless, you trashed it all,
Hope you are happy,
Coz' that's what you wanted,
To leave me crying,
And celebrate my fall.

And you've undoubtedly suceeded,
You've snatched my happiness,
You've shattered my soul,
I have lost my identity,
Forever and for all.



ummm...ahanzingly written...
but itsnt it lyk...SAD...??!!!

and by any chance does it has any connection with YOUR life???

Anonymous said...

the poem is lovely.. but the new disclaimer and this poem and the last post.. :( :( :(

Appu, you are my sherni!! don't ever forget that!!

fms1988 said...

Appu this was amazing it's touched my heart bought back memories :( i love the last para.

Hope u dont relate to it though...

Keep smiling hun.

Satans Darling™ said...

Can feel the hurt! Amazing! Great attempt love!


IcE MaiDeN said...

Though it was AMAZING MINDBLOWING and SIMPLY SUPERB... n i m sure ull find a lott of stuff hidden inside u if u explore ur sad-poem-writing wala side.. leave all d SAD writing to me..ok? hehe.

ur blog is MY sunshine geddit??!!! :) i come here for my daily dose of smiles. :)

so go write something silly and sweet now.. n make me smile.

Lotsa luv,
Annie. :)

Manjari Singh said...


Miss Sunshine said...

@ mri
dude, do u think there is somebody with so much guts to hurt ME!?
well, there is one person, but he's a sweetheart.. he justs keep pushing me to :D

@ Kajal
disclaimer was necessary..last post was cuz i feltt guilty..and this post.. well, only u have the right to sadden people kya? ;)
hehehe.. thnkuu :) for calling me ur sherni! YAY! i wrote this a week ago.. I had read a book.. it was VERY saddening.. and I am a person who is lost inside the book..I make it my world too.. so i just wrote it.. :P

nooooooo, i dun relate to it sweets! and I din want anyone to relate to it.. so please SMILE! :)
muaah! and thnx a ton!

@ Ash
YAHOO! thnx :) thnx to the book actually. :P

@ Annie
aww, sooooooorrrryyyy.. I thought i shud attempt writing sad stuff.. hahaha.. that's all! :) and I wanted to give u competition.. lol :)
thnku! and ofc, I will come with something silly..dat doesnt take efforts.. ;)
and ur my moonlight :D
how cheezy!
:P :P

thnx a ton! :)

Brosreview said...

Ah! a nice manner of expressing the game hope plays with us. Sometimes, even when there is hope, it's absence is felt and some times we experience the opposite. Nicely done!!!

Miss Sunshine said...

yeah, so wunnerfully expressed. It's so despairing sometimes..innit?