Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Apologise

Well, I never thought, that I might offend somebody, but well, looks like, I did, with my post, Thin Bitches. I'd like to apologise! I am really sorry, I did not mean to hurt ANYBODY! I swear, it was just for fun, in a lighter sense! Believe me, when I say this, because, I do not hate thin people! My sister is super skinny, and so is one of my best friends, AND my boyfriend. I love them all. 
I am really sorry.
I am super duper sorry. Please do let me know, if it hurt you real bad, then I can delete the post all together. It really doesn't matter. :)
I promise, never, EVER to repeat something like this.
Thanks, Mahrukh, Ms R and Ashrita Di, for letting me know. Thnx so much!


Satans Darling™ said...

Oh baby! well, first of all you do not have to apologize about posting what YOU think on YOUR blog. But there is some caution you need to exercise. Always bear in mind that there will be people with all kinds of thinking and all kinds of views and they might not agree with you everytime!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ashri..and this reminds me my comment was so much like the post itself i join you in the apologies.. just because of a small number of insane people we can't blame the entire catagory.... a big hug to you for this post.. you are a true Sherni!!

PULKIT said...

a mistake realized
is an apology granted!
only a true person of honour with clear heart can say sorry this way :)
god bless ya!

Miss Sunshine said...

@ everyone
thnx and no thnx. cuz it was my mistake and only i cud apologise,lol :P

@ Ash
well, i am not mad or smthn,just plain curious, but Ash, do u realise, everything we write is in contradiction to somebody's feelings?
like the fairy tale post - anyone can bash me up for ill treating frogs.

like my V-day post on ILMB - i shud apologise to muthalik too!?

like my hope wala poem - i shud apologise to ppl who dun believe in hope.. i mean..who are hope-less?

and yea, i know it's my blog and wat i feel, but well, i got hurt by those remarks, so i apologised. :) and no worries!

Satans Darling™ said...

Everything we write is a contradiction to someones feelings. That is why I said that you did not have to put up an Apology post on your own blog.

It is always better to beware of the consequences. If you are posting something controversial then you should be ready with answers to pacify others. Answers other than apologies and sorries. You know what I mean? I got a comment from Seno once. On that inspiration poetry. I received a few on the post which was titled "East or West?Is India the best?" too. But you have to learn to be diplomatic!

The reason why I keep the ILMB blog moderated is exactly this. The girls in the community know how you are and they would not mind! But your blog is public...!

If you take the comments and compliments sportingly, everything will be just fine!


neeraj_only said...

awwwww!! , hey appu don't take some 'criticism' so seriously . Diplomacy is mantra. you had criticised particular group.....obviously some criticism was expected nahi kya?.

Saying sorry was one option , u chose that , accha hai :)

Ms.R. said...

Ahem! This wasn't really necessary Apu. I told you so. I think everyone spoke my mind with the comments above. And really, if you are hurt by 'someone's remarks' then I'm sorry. I don't know what I said that hurt you. Still. And this was unnecessary.

Miss Cynical ღ Åйu ღ said...

i second ashrita..

your blog.. your space.. your thoughts.. your opinions.. its completely a personal thing.. and that was just a generalized thing and you havent taken names... nothing much to worry about!

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Ms. R.

OYE! bhai sahab! u did not hurt me! I SWEAR ON MY PRETTY NEW BAG!
:) ur li'l sis was hurt, dat's all. and, I dun luk like a person who's sensitive, but I am. I was feeling guilty of hurting her, that's all! YOU DID NOT DO ANYTHING!!! :)

@ Neeraj
it sounds so funny.. an "awww" from you.. haha! ;) and thnx :)

@ Anu
okieeess... thnx a lot honey! muaah!
and i wrote the post, so that the no. of posts increases.. hahaha!

@ Ash
you rock! thnx :) and i was pretty clear, why i wrote it and all.. i wrote the post (apology one) cuz i was feeling a bit guilty of hurting a young kid. My sis is like dat too..toh emotion ki aandhiyon main beh gayi.. LOL :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

huh?? kya? kidhar? kabhi???

i dont think u did anythng wrong wid dat post!!! i m still lost abt Y ur apologizing.. i mean d whole point of havin a blog is to write wht u feel lik, ryt? n u didnt take any names ... it was jus a generalized thing..

baapre aise toh i shud shut down MY blog for good.. lolz. :P

Miss Sunshine said...

LOL, nuthn like that Annie.. :) emosnal ho gaya tha main, bas :P