Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is the result of studying for 3 hours straight for my LAW exam. So, it will be lame, but do give me credit. I did NOT die of boredom! I am alive, after all that sufferings!

(I know I have lost it, please bear with me till my exams get over) 

Forever with me,
Ready to drop by,
In the hour of need,
Even when ur asleep,
No botherations for formalities,
Do what they think is right,
Smart or stupid, they are prized!


Anonymous said...

me first! :) beautiful acrostic there..:)

Miss Sunshine said...

LOL! thnku :)
You make me feel so embarrassed..hehe!
it was meant to be funny.. :P

Satans Darling™ said...

It's SO cute!!!! Muahhh love <3

mysterious gal said...

Its just so cute..the typical cutie appu style <3

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Ash
:)) thnkuu <3

@ Nabs
AWW! :)) thnkuuu~ xoxo

Brosreview said...

I agree to these lines that explain a characteristic of friendship.

Still, I have never been able to completely fathom the "formality" aspect of it. You see, I completely get your point. But, sometimes, I reckon we misunderstand politeness to being formal. Well, just a thought.

Keep writing!!!

Miss Sunshine said...


Yea, ur when friends dont barge into ur rooms..but wait for ur's not formality..but a mere polite way..
There's a line.. which shudnt b blurred..
that's my point :D

Anshu said...

wot do u mean by studying 3 hrs for law exam...n dis being lame??
:X :P
anyways...its good..!!
n no formalities.. :its not superb!! :P

Miss Sunshine said...

hahahahaha, haan bloody 3 hours.. :P
thaaanku thanku :P

The Blessed One said...

heheh just came across this post!