Friday, April 3, 2009

Unwritten Destiny..

13 Days Apart,
Same Hospital,
Me, a month premature,
Just to be out, early,
Is it a mere coincidence?
Or maybe some hidden meaning?

Living 16 years apart,
You and me, aloof,
We meet when we are 15-Going on 16,
But not at all amused..

I wonder how you need calligraphy classes,
You observe how oily my skin is,
I steal a glance, see your name,
Your perked up ears hear mine..

And again, that's all that happens..

We forget and be happy,
But keep wondering,
Why don't we find our special someone,
I cry,
You sigh,
But we both believe,
That somewhere, somebody out there,
Is made for us..

After another 365 days,
We stumble again,
and find each other,
You, by a Virus from my mail,
I, by cleaning my friend's e-mail..

I add you,
Send you a friend request,
from my orkut account,
still surprised that you remember me,
then on my gtalk,
I talk, We chat,
That's how our friendship begins..

We are best of buds,
I feel you have a crush on my friend,
Whereas your feelings had already developed,
in the directions of 'US'!

Once, while chatting,
You ask me out,
Out of the blue,
I obviously say NO,
And you say, "Just Kiddin' "!

I am shocked,
Strangely happy,
I was unaware my true feelings,
But now I realise..
Blimey, I like you too!

It's June,
You tell me, You are going for a vacation,
I am sad,
Pretty unhappy,
How am I ever gonna talk to you?

I am worried,
And very tensed,
How am I ever going to tell you?
That I am gonna miss you like hell!?

It's 14th of the summery month,
You are saying goodbyes,
Dunno why, I think this is my last chance,
I say, 'Umm, I like you too!'
You say, 'So?'
I am like "I LIKE YOU!'
Slowly it sinks in..
You do a whoopie dance..

and there 'OUR' story begins..

It is weird,
It is funny,
You and Me!
Can we ever be?
You are chalk,
I am cheese,
We are as different as,
Two humans can ever be..

But maybe,
This is what's Destiny,
When two souls are,
Tailor made for each other,
Nothing can come in between!

That's not one of the conventional poems or something, it was penned for my boyfriend, within 15 minutes of us fighting ,to tell him that it's a special bond that we share, that we are meant to be together and no petty fights is worth us parting our ways.


IcE MaiDeN said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! do u hav ne idea hw cute tht was girl??!!! it was vrey sweet!!! *i played taylor swift love story in my mind qhile reading hehe...*

lotsa luv,

CrAzY fReAk! said...

thnku :) :"> lol! and that's a bigger compliment! "*i played taylor swift love story in my mind qhile reading hehe...*"
thnku!!!! :))

Krishna P. said...

hey girl!loved that poem!ur better than Taylor Swift! ;) ur so good at poetry!i sure hope u and ur "boyfriend" made up..he better realise it aint no coincidence
heck its destiny! :) hope he realised how super lucky he is :)

CrAzY fReAk! said...

hey, thnx a lot! :)
aww! thnx for the flattery...!!! hehe.. and well, more than my boyfriend, it's me who is lucky! :)
yea, he's smart to the T, and OBVIOUSLY he knows. :P ;)



Ahem ahem...
once upona time..there was gurl who 'said' she could'nt write poetry...sigh...its truly once upon a time...

YOUR POEM ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!and the ppl in it too...**wink wink**

neeraj_only said...

hey , viruses must be so happy, they found place in your "love" poem.

#"You, by a Virus from my mail,
I, by cleaning my friend's e-mail"

Oye!! , 1 anomaly in the picture you have added.

Footprints of "single" person moving on sand ?. foot-prints of two "humans" moving can be better idea.....still this is better then no foot-print.

this poem was good one from "your-potli" :P

Anonymous said...

fabulous.. lucky dude - your boyfriend.. :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

lolz. i liked it so much whn i read it first time, i came bac and read it again!!! god!! seriously wht were u thinkiin whn u said tht u dunno hw to write poems. this is better than i can ever even imagine!!! ur too good (bows down!!)

N tell vinod, tht he is one lucky fella!!!.. :) :P :D

Lottttssss offf luvvv..

Ms.R. said...

awwww... this is sooo cute. I'm sure he;d have forgotten all the fyts within minutes :D very cute!

CrAzY fReAk! said...

@ Mrinal
LOL, ahh, i just try.,. and this was all crap.. :P just from the heart.. that's why it's sweet.. :D :P thnku!

@ Neeraj
I know, thnku! and yeah, nice point.. I will search and change the pic.. :)

@ Kajal
:) lol! I am luckier for sure.. :P :)

@ Annie
Aww.. that's the best comment so far! I swear! thnkuuuuu! muaah!!

@ Fatty
Yeah, exactly! He was all "aww, so cute, thnx baby, i love you" and all! Forgotten! :P


Anonymous said...


CrAzY fReAk! said...

@ Asif
thnx :D

C R D said...

tht was really sweet gal..and in jus 15 minutes u relived ur whole love story? wow! :)

ur bf mustve blushed a lot, no? are u guys ok now?


Riddhika said...

within 15 mins u wrote this? :O

HOW?????????? :O

CrAzY fReAk! said... wasnt difficult, as u can see I din use any flowy, flowery language..just wrote what came to me..! and it's a story imbibed in me..with all it's little intricate details.. :)

CrAzY fReAk! said...


hey, thnx for visiting.. :)
yea, he was very happy..and mayb he blushed..i cudnt see..we were on d phone.. :P :) and yea, it's all okay..he said, I shudnt have done dat..cuz he cant be mad @ me for it was an waste of efforts.. haha!

fms1988 said...

Awwwwww tht was soooooooooooo cute !i's just LOVELLY
Lucky guy :D

awww i loved it sachiii !

Miss Sunshine said...

hehehe, FMS. ur just so sweet. thanks :)