Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Varied Love

This is my attempt at fiction, and 55 fiction. Thanks for the inspiration Ms. R and Pink Orchid AND the Writer's Lounge :)

"Shh!" she said as she opened the door.
Shooting her a quizzing look, and pulling her into my arms, I whispered, "Aren't we having THE night stay, honey?"
"Yes, we are, but, my parents are back!"
Tensed, I thought "What if they knew?"

"Has Jessica arrived?" , asked her dad.
Releasing me, she answered in affirmation.


gargi said...

oooh... man..i was going somewhere else.. ;)

wow.. i LOVE IT!!


Miss Sunshine said...

heyy.. welcome't seen u around much.. :P
thnku! i thought kisi ko samajh hi nahi aaega! It was so discreet! LOL!

Anonymous said...

:) woho!! :) main inspiration!! jeeti raho kanya ..i am so proud of ya girl!! wonderful attempt. :D

neeraj_only said... comments!! on this entry ;)

but warning accha tha!!! (not4 < 17 )...hehe....may be i should report your blog for "indecent-materials"..carry on appu

fms1988 said...

Thumbs up from me Appu !
Keep writing.. :)

Satans Darling™ said...

Kya baat hai aaj all are on a roll :D Great one lady! See I called you a lady for writing stuff for people above 17 :P

sawan said...

lol, interesting :) and i thought of something else :P thts ur first attempt? hopefully wud read more stories here :) good goin grl!

Ms.R. said...

That was hilarious! Aaj kal ki dunya. Kuch bhi ho sakta hai!

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Kajal
haha, yeah u were.. :P thnxx :D

@ neeraj
lol, try to report me..LOL! and thnx to u too..cuz u told me the meaning of 55 fiction ;) i was so irritated, samakjh hi nahi aa raha tha!

thnku so much :) xoxo

@ Ash
YAY! NO KIDDO! altho i love bein a kid, but i get frustrated..LOL! :) YAYIE!!
*hoombalala dance*

@ Sawan
yea, my first attempt..surely will try to write more :)

@ Ms. R.
lol, "aaj kal ka kalyug" :P thnkuu!

Krishna P. said...

i'm wsnt hre ;p lol nd ya rly cool stry luvd it!

gargi said...

@ Miss Sunshine...
I have been banging my head with my java project :|
isilie i have been lazy and somewhat busy about writing and making my presence visible :p

hehe... write more na... im inspired by you n ashrita di now :D


Rushabhh Gandhi said...

Superb! When the last line hits the reader..
It makes you a good writer! ;)

Miss Sunshine said...

:) thnx a ton for dropping by and appreciating :)