Monday, April 27, 2009

The Fairytale

Another attempt at 55 fiction..

Princess is perched on a rock in the Royal Gardens.

Princess : (Bashfully) I.. I am in love with you.

Prince: _______________

Princess: Your unique traits, unblemished skin, throaty baritone...  Leaves me sleepless at nights!

Prince: _______________

Princess: Don't break my heart! Say you love me too!

Prince: *Croak*

The bullfrog then leaps into the murky puddle below.


gargi said...

hahaaha... arey i love the way you take me somewhere else and then bam! LOL!

lovely!... :)

Miss Sunshine said...

:D :D
lol, i love the twists too!

fms1988 said...

LOL !!!!!!!!
You made me smile :D
lovely & soo sweet !

Miss Sunshine said...

hey, that was so cool of me to make you smile. lol! :D
xoxo! I am glad you liked it. :D and thnx for your million dollar smile :)

Satans Darling™ said...

Hhahahahaa! This is by far the funniest 55 fiction I have read till date!

DPhatsez said...

whoa! stop the prince! he's drowning!


but wasn't she supposed to kiss the froggy first? ;)

яノςんム said...


rofl.. the frog int turn into the prince but thankfully, the princess dint kiss the frog, or u never know, might she had become a she-frog too ;)

neeraj_only said...

haha!!...appu-'princess' .....get out of "raja-rani-ki-duniya"....lolz

me can't stop laughing...bechara prince :P

bows ^O^ : to ur sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

it was cho cute!

PULKIT said...

a sweet and wity one!

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Ash di :)
:P ;) thnku!

@ DP
heyy.. thnx for visitng! ;) and mayb she would have.. dat's for the imagination.. :P

sawan said...

hehe lol, apurva, its not a fairytale, its a funnytale :P lol, u take care grl..

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Richa
Yea, it's pretty unknown, ;) mayb the girl would have turned into a frog and the frog a boy.. HAHA!

@ Neeraj
noooo..i like raja-rani duniya.. no hassles!
thnku thnku :D thr's nuthn more satisfying dan hearing that u r a good comedian :)

@ Kajal
thnkuu :)

@ Pulkit
wohoo, means a lot coming from you. Thnx :)

@ Sawan
haha, yea, rite.. but then d charm would have been a bit lost :P if i named it fun tale.. ;)
thnx!! take care too!