Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Come Into My Dreams..

Come into my dreams,
Take me far , far away,
Far from this maddening crowd,
Far from this heartless town..

Come into my dreams,
Take me far, far away,
From this world of ruthless reality,
Somewhere closer to fantasy..

Come into my dreams,
Take me far, far away,
Embrace me tight in your arms,
Shield me, protect me, 
Lead me to  a safer haven,
Hold me like you never did before..

Come into my dreams,
Take me far, far away,
Never let me be alone,
For I may just drown,
In the vast seas of unknown terrors,
And be enveloped, 
amidst the hungry slayers..

Contrary to popular notions and interpretations, this poem is not about some person, or damsel in distress, it's about the plight of the animals living in these times. I wanted to capture their plea, which would only be understood graphically, in their dreams. As we cannot communicate with them verbally..


IcE MaiDeN said...

Awww... beautiful. As Always!! luv d pic too !!

Lotsa luv,

neeraj_only said...

accha hai....accha hai......hehehehehe..
(nana patekar style me.....lolz)

but i think we should not help .."animals"...we should let them live their natural life.

but we humans did end up making them our pets for our "benefits"..and did destroy their living habitats.

ab kya karein!!...keeping them in our homes...not a solution..kyon?.....we should undo our some mistakes (is that making homes of animals)

....again accha poem..carry on :)

Ms.R. said...

hugs :D

Anonymous said...

it was an innovative thought.. really touching..kudos to you for writing this one..:)

sawan said...

if only animals could read! the smile on their face after reading this would have been worth watching.

u take care apurva.

CrAzY fReAk! said...

@ Annie
:) thnkuu :))

Yea.. i agree with you.. but this poem was to bring out the plight of those poor ones who live in jungles..and we cut down their homes..for our luxury.. kill them for our pleasure.. u knw wat i mean?

@ Ms. R.
*hugs back* :P

@ Kajal
Actually, I just wrote it keeping in mind those animals, and let my friend read it.. and she was like..tu itni depressed kyu hai!?
I then realised, okay..this can be taken in the other sense too.. so i wrote that note beneath :)
thnkuuu :)

@ Sawan
awww, yea, they look so cute when they are happy.. :) We can still make them not being so ruthless..! :)

Anonymous said...

hey, nice thought, even i had a street dog.... very dirty, no one loved him, but i treated him like ma kid...:p
ask msR...... so many times i made him sleep in ma house, his name was browny....
nice work APPU BABA!!

CrAzY fReAk! said...

aww..y din they like him?
chhotu motu is he now?

thnx bhoot baba! :P :P

Satans Darling™ said...

Hmm well the poem has a little contradicting effect on me after reading the "I want a dog" post from you just before this one! But yeah I do feel that we must not confine them into boundaries. That is one reason why I do not want a pet inspite of wanting to have one so badly :(

Reminds me of the movie Madagascar 1

Miss Sunshine said...

lol, yea it has.. and thnx for reading! I know, i dun wanna confine them..but help them too..when i see almost dead dogs on the road , my heart goes out to themm :((



I wnat to save them!!!!!!!!!
as many as i can!!!!!!!

u give more and more reasons to love you (to i dont need any)....

Miss Sunshine said...

AWW! :) thnkuuuuu! ur d bestest! lol

Brosreview said...

Neatly done!

Miss Sunshine said...

thaaaank youuuuu :D