Sunday, April 19, 2009


You ruffle my hair,

Gently, and perhaps innocently..

It's too much for me to bear, 

Do you even realize it?

You look me in the eyes,

Silently, yet speaking a thousand words,

the sparkle in your big brown ones,

Makes me shiver, 

Under a summer noon sun..

The smile on your face,

Lights up every part of me,

Your immaculate pearly whites,

Brightens up all the darkness inside me..

You close into me,

Your mesmerising touch,

Is enough for me to,

Fall irrevocably in love..

When u talk to me,

Oh! sweet Jesus..

The curve of your lips,

Your resplendent baritone,

Is enough to make me realise,

What exactly jelly legs mean..

When you wiggle your toes,


Yet so childishly,

Never do you once,

Fail to enchant me..

And just when I feel you've swept me off my feet,

You laugh that laugh, 

And a glimpse of heaven I've seen..

When you talk about your day, 

Describing it in detail,

Do you know I smile cuz I'm lost,

In the sincerity in your eyes.

When on a date, 

I see you coming to the mall,

I don't think you know, 

I got butterflies. 

Hey! Feeling giddy ,

I'm about to fall..

When you call to wish me goodnight, 

blow a kiss and say "sleep tight babay",

I lie awake grinning like a fool, 

Realize its morning, 

I don't know how the hours slipped by..

You do crazy things to me, 

And you don't even realize it.

I'm clearly smitten by you honey, 

And you don't even recognize it..

Some of the above lines were just roaming in my mind, and I , thankfully penned them down.  But, obviously, few lines don't make a poem, cuz a poem is much more than that. SO very thankfully, Ms. R (Expressive Silence) agreed to help me, and co-authorised the poem! :)



Ms.R. said...

*hugz back*

CrAzY fReAk! said...

thnku so much!

IcE MaiDeN said...

Haii!! main maar jawa!! U n Ms.R shud lik write a book on love poems!! hehe... awwwww its wonderful how much u guys are in love!!! d men who got u are d luckiest men indeed!!

(are Vinod and Asif listening now?!!)


Anonymous said...

woaaaaaaaa!! kudos to both of you!! lovely!!

Miss Sunshine said...

LOL! thnx :) so inspiring! and this is not out of love, it is out of vella giri.. heheheh! :P :)

@ Kajal
thnx to Ms. R.. :)
she made it all the more nice to read!

Ms.R. said...

@ Annie: Well... I'll make him listen. LOL *devilish smile*

Satans Darling™ said...

Loved it! Great job both of you :)

Ms.R. said...

Welcome back... I hope you're gonna be back in action from now onwards. Really missed you (:

Miss Sunshine said...

thnku Ash, and she's here , cuz i blasted her on her chat box... hahah :P

kitni nikammi ho aap miss r :P

Brosreview said...

I appreciate and admire the detailing in this piece. Keep writing!!!

Miss Sunshine said...