Thursday, April 16, 2009


*Sob Sob*
I want a dog!
Please somebody get me one!
My mom wont let me have one..
She says it will be very cluttery!
Who will take care of him?

I hope SOMEDAY these tantrums work!! :


IcE MaiDeN said...

awwwww.... d pic is soooo cute!!!.. Koi nahi!! ul get one soon. i m sure Vinod will suprize u wid one!! heheeh :)

Anonymous said...

Doggie do koi Appu ko.. :)

Mommy ko cute cute puppies ko photo dikhao .. pyaar jagao aur puppy pao..

in the mean while I could give you a puppy.. heheehehee
'Muaaaaaaaaaaaah'! - my puppy.. :P

ewwwww cheeziest comment ever.. heheehe but never mind if it brought you a smile.. :)

neeraj_only said...

things getting into muddy waters.....ab-jaane-bhi-do ; ab tak nahi mila to "Ab-no-chance"!!!

so many other things to do..kyon? i seriously doubt ur capability...that u will handle a dog :P

try other options....i hv one pet lives forcefully in my home :) his routine includes...getting out in evening and returning in the's resistance is of no use.

CrAzY fReAk! said...

@ Annie
oh, I HOPE SO MUCH!!!! koi dilado!! lol :P

@ Kajal
lol, it was cute, not @ all cheezy!
Mom sees those pics, melts, but then again starts how I am not capable of a dog and blah blah!! :((

muaaaaaaaaaah to u too! ;)

@ Neeraj
chup kar! u sound like my mom's chela! :P
EEW! no frogs, only dogs!
hey, dat rhymed :P

Twisted Elegance.... said...

Believe me girl! Dogs aren't as cute as they look. They are the meanest, baddest, dirtiest animals you will come across. And if you have a dog which completely hates you and bites you and growls at you, like I do, then your life will be hell 24\7


Get the Dog! Dogs are the best! Most loving and loyal things in the universe! Dogs teach you so many things!

Read this if you can

CrAzY fReAk! said...

@ Twisted Elegance

well, i know all that cuz I am around dogs for the better part of my day. and they are cute. they growl, bite only when you hurt them!

and yea, I WANT TO GET ONE!, but can't :P
sure, i will read :D

Ms.R. said...

Awww baby. You look so cute, I can adopt u! :P *meanie me*

Hope u get the doggie soon :D

CrAzY fReAk! said...

lol! I am an Adult, u cant adopt me.. :P hahaha!

Satans Darling™ said...

I want a doggie too :(

Miss Sunshine said...

hum dono milke ek adopt kar lete hain, watsay?!

Princess Sonshu said...

Aaw...mujhe bhi dog chahiye!! Mom yahi kehti...ghar ganda ho jayega!!

Miss Sunshine said...

haan, sab mom's yehich bolti hai!!