Friday, April 24, 2009

Kiss Me!

Kiss Me,
In the dense forests,
Sometimes in the pouring rain,
Sure, I would be mesmerised, cuz,

Magical it is, it binds us, and
Embibes in me, the value of your highest power.. Love.

P.S. Just a crazy thought! :)


Anonymous said...

lovely! :D

neeraj_only said...

accha hai ..accha hai...appu getting sooo creative :)

all of us trying "small" things ..lolz....takes less time to write...lesser to read :P

kahi ye laziness to nahi?.....even IPL eating our so much "small" hours these days.....who can forget "lols","k","g2g"...long list of short cuts we use on blog and on chats....err.... i forgot nano (car)...truely this is nano world...i can blog-entry masala in this "comment"....but me too lazy to write...nano-desire...compressed in comment.....we all addicted to nano things....ab bas bahut hua....carry on 'freak' :P

p.s: u can nahi kya kya dimaag me aa raha hai

fms1988 said...

Loved it :)
Keep writing.

Quirky Mon said...

I like :)

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

And a beautiful thought. :)


gargi said...

mmmmm.... pretty thought :)

gargi said...

mmmmm.... pretty thought :)

Satans Darling™ said...

Sweet! Reminded me of that song... Kiss Me by Sixpence!

Miss Sunshine said...

@ Ash
OH YES! cuz dat song made me rite this.. i love it!! :D
it's so brilliant :D

@ Gargi
thnx :)) for appreciating it twice..LOL!!


aww.. :) thnx :)

@ Quirky
:) thnku so much for reading!

sure i will, if u keep reading :P

oh gosh! u have gone MAD! lol :D haan, nano world hai..everything will be small ;)

@ Kajal
:) thnku!

PULKIT said...

beautiful :)
following this blog now!


Miss Sunshine said...

hey, thnku so much for dropping AND liking AND following :)
hope to cya around :)

Brosreview said...

Decently good! You could polish this one!

Miss Sunshine said...

i'll tryna rewrite.. if u'd help..watsay?